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The steady increase of psychological difficulties faced by school children shows us the need to ensure there is psychological well-being through collaboration between schools and mental health focus Uganda. Therefore we make sure that we identify, evaluate and intervene with problems related to developmental delays, academic difficulties, peer pressure, self esteem and emotional functioning arise.

Here we conduct interactive talks and workshops for students, teachers and parents,  designed to address concerns about child and adolescent mental health. The workshops are geared towards enabling positive parenting, effective teaching and providing stronger coping skills to children and adolescent.


Mental Health Reseach

Mental Health Focus undertakes numerous research projects with the sole aim to improve the overall mental health of the community. The organizations’ research team conducts studies on the status of treatments, interventions and public mental health policy. It performs a meta-analysis, exploring factors that predispose the community to different forms of mental disorders. Mental Health Focus also generates evidence for programs that are aimed at creating diagnoses and early screening possibilities.


Among the organization’s projects is influencing national policy and advocacy. Mental Health Focus engages with policymakers to promote understandings regarding wider access to mental health services . By lobbying and proffering ideas to better policies and systems that creates socially inclusive and supportive environments for mental health resilience


Professional Training

Mental Health Focus regularly conducts training programs to provide professional counsellors, mental health care providers and the general public access to evidence-guided strategies for treating stress-related and other related psychological conditions. They offer specialized Psychological First Aid (PFA) courses, remote mental health training and webinars on mental health-related topics.

Mental Health Support Groups

Mental Health Focus creates safe spaces for individuals and groups who have experienced mental health disorders to share their experiences, participate in interactive exercises and engage in counselling sessions. The organization forms various mental health support groups, including youth, caregivers and refugees. This program provides peer-to-peer support and ease the isolation which silences the mental health dialogue.


In summary, Mental Health Focus’s projects encourage communities to develop supportive environments and promote optimal mental health. By offering mental health awareness campaigns, advocacy, research and professional training, Mental Health Focus aims to remove the stigma attached to mental health and make sure each person receives appropriate attention to boost their mental well-being.

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