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  • April 22, 2021


The talk series concept is a proposed project under Mental Health Focus Uganda which aims at widening the gap of awareness of mental health through giving an opportunity to different people in different walks of life to share their life stories in relation to their journey of mental health their highs and lows, how they overcame them and their current stand.

Aimed target group

The talk series aims to target stories of people from different professions, different backgrounds, different races, different age groups, different levels of education and people from a different social classes

Aimed content

The stories will cover diverse life aspects that in away are connected to development or decline in mental health .for example relationships, upbringing, work, personal life journeys. Their focus will be telling their stories focusing on the mental aspect in other wards how what they went through led to mental health increase or decline or even illness for example talking about depression, suicidal thoughts, isolation, rejection, anger mismanagement, bullying etc.


The talk series will involve one on one interviews between the guest and the host that will be talking while being recoded on camera .The interview will be in a time duration of thirty minutes to one hour. The recorded interview will then be shared after proper editing to the organization’s face book platform, YouTube channel for the official public view, reaction and feedback.

The interview will be extensively and deeply emphasized and focused on for two weeks using online discussions, sharing of related articles, quotes, various solutions and replying to comments, this will be done by the mental health focus team. The purpose will be to show the audience and followers how deep the issue is and how it has to be solved through contributions of key players in the fight and public.

We as mental health focus Uganda believe that awareness through this talk series will create attention to the mental health issues our current society is going through and this will be able to give room for problem solving by the public once they know they have to rise and fight it. We believe that with the society’s support our targets as Mental Health Focus Uganda will come to achieved more progressively than its current state.

After a two weeks’ time frame, another episode will be realized and it will go through the same procedure shared above. 

Consent form

The consent form will be filled by the guest speakers’ days before the shoot so as to confirm their official acceptance to share their stories and also avoid accusations of lack of consent that could result in to involve legal authorities which would not be a good image for the organization.


The talk series episodes may not always be minimally thirty minutes they could be less depending on the interview

The team members of the organization will also be featured in the talk series as guests.

The talk will not always be planned, they will sometimes cases where the team will go to a place and will see someone worth featuring in the talk series, which may require immediate interviews.

The stories shared will by all means be diverse each episode should have different story so as to promote a diverse coverage of stories and different life aspects.

The mental health ideas, issues and aspects will be simplified in the most simplified way by the organization to give room for easier understanding by the audience.

There will be inclusion of sign language so as to enable our deaf audience to understand and not feel left out.

Their will continuous evaluation by the team of the progress of the talk series.


We believe this talk series will give room for awareness to a wider, diverse, audience that can contribute greatly towards the fight of mental health.

Prepared by

Mental Health Focus Uganda.