Human Rights Training for Mental Health Service Users

We aim at forming a basic advocacy group of Mental Health and Human Rights that can be disseminated throughout Uganda and across the globe.
Other objectives include: Equipping Mental Health Service Users with the knowledge of how mental health workers and professionals can protect and respect human rights as well as develop the capability to work efficiently and effectively in groups and be able to communicate through presentations and discussions (as potential trainers) among others
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About The Program

This is a training program aimed to increase the awareness of human rights to Mental health service users who are involved in Associations of mental health in Uganda and to those who are devoted to promoting – and encourage others to promote – mental health and human rights. This project aims at being able to acquire a basic knowledge of international human rights law and treaties, including the right to health.
The project follows a participatory approach that is used for the training program. Group discussion, questions, and feedback adds value and enriches the learning process of the training.
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