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Mental Health Focus is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting mental health awareness and research. The organization is committed to conducting innovative studies and creating educational programs to aid in the understanding and management of mental health conditions. Mental Health Focus strives to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and provide support to individuals affected by mental health conditions. Their team of experts works closely with other organizations, activists, and researchers to gain valuable insights into how best to help those affected by mental health challenges. Mental Health Focus is dedicated to a world where those with mental health conditions are understood, accepted, and supported.


Mental Health Focus is an organization that strives to create awareness about mental health, advocate for policies that promote mental well-being, and conduct research towards improving mental healthcare services. Through its various initiatives, Mental Health Focus is working towards reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and helping individuals lead fulfilling and productive lives.

One of the core activities of Mental Health Focus is conducting mental health research to understand the challenges faced by people who struggle with mental health issues. The organization works in collaboration with academic and research institutions to carry out research on various aspects of mental health, including the prevalence of mental health disorders, their causes, and treatments. The insights gained from this research are critical in developing evidence-based interventions that can improve the lives of people with mental health issues. Apart from conducting research, Mental Health Focus uses multiple media platforms to raise awareness about mental health. Its social media pages and website are filled with informative articles and videos that help to debunk myths surrounding mental health. It also publishes booklets, pamphlets, and brochures that discuss mental health at workplaces, schools, colleges, and communities.

The organization conducts training programs and workshops for mental health professionals. These sessions are aimed at updating them with the latest research findings and understanding better the practical ways to deal with mental health cases. The organization also strives to improve the overall quality of mental healthcare services by advocating for policies and initiatives that benefit patients.

Mental Health Focus also provides support groups and helpline services where people, personally, or their family members/friends/colleagues can seek support regarding the problems faced by them due to mental health disorders. The support groups help individuals connect with others who are going through similar experiences and provide a safe space to share their struggles.

In conclusion, Mental Health Focus works tirelessly to promote mental well-being and improve the quality of care for those who suffer from mental health disorders. With its research activities, awareness campaigns, training, and advocacy, the organization is creating a positive impact in the area of mental health globally.

Since 2016

Our History

In 2016 a group of educated, dynamic and like-minded youth practicing in interpersonal psychotherapy for groups(IPT-G) at Makerere university, got together to establish an organization, for addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the mentally ill in Uganda. True to this spirit the organization was named Mental Health Focus(MHF). Considering their association with the development sector, the group was cognizant of the plethora of problems plaguing the country. Consequently, the organization’s focus was not kept limited either in terms of geography or sector.
Whilst operating in different districts of the country, MHF has been carrying a range of interventions in the areas of education, health & hygiene, youth& women empowerment & human rights etc.

What Defines Us

Goals And Vision


To create awareness, fight causes and change mindsets about mental health and its impact on individuals


The goal of MHF is to contribute in improving the mental health well being of the vulnerable communities of Uganda through community mobilization, capacity building, advocacy & strengthening of mental health institutions at the grass root level.


An enabling environment for the realization, respect, and protection of fundamental human rights among mentally ill people and develop their leadership qualities to make them active contributors within the society

Service Delivery

MHF is a staunch believer in a very strong and efficient service delivery in the fields of Mental health. For this purpose, MHF management has always delivered services in the communities in a transparent manner taking care of quality.

Meet The Team

We are a group of like minded and dynamic individuals focused on addressing the most urgent and pressing needs of the mentally ill in Uganda

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